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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saris, Kurtas, and Henna!

We all had a blast selecting the fabric for our saris and picking our kurtas!  We all now have henna tattoos!  Not to worry......they ONLY last a month!  Yikes!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life in Chevuru

 The pictures speak for themselves....
This is where we have made our home over the last week.  It is truly amazing.

What a Wonderful Day!

Our days have been jammed packed with various activities, construction, and socializing with the villagers.  Today was no different.....

This morning, after breakfast, we did our daily yoga.  After that the kids went right to work continuing with sand sifting for the concrete and assisting with the plastering.  Late morning, a few of us visited the  village nursery to bring Infinity Knitty Bears to the children.....they are precious.  Later in the day we set up our volleyball nets and played badminton and volleyball with the local children until it was time for Andrew's Wound Care Clinic.  

The Clinic was a huge success!  Andrew gave a wonderful, informative presentation which Uma translated for him.  The residents of the village were so grateful to receive the much needed supplies to help care for their families.  Way to go Andrew!

Also, let me say that when the kids saw on the blog that the parents were thinking of having "Circle" on Friday at the Shea's house, they were thrilled!  :)

I will post photos soon.


Beautiful People of Chevuru!

Monday, February 18, 2013

AIDS Hospice Home

After a long day of construction, we traveled to a Hospice AIDS Home run by the Franciscan Sisters.  It was a lovely facility filled with love.  The Sisters, all trained nurses,  have dedicated their lives taking care of this population that is abandoned by the rest of Indian society.   Colton's Senior Project centered on this topic and the stigma that still exists with this horrific disease.  He did an amazing job organizing activities for us to share with the patients.......art mural painting, singing, dancing, etc. It was heart-wrenching                   and eye-opening.

Colton explaining the art mural project while Ravi translated into Telugu.
Beautiful Franciscan Sisters

Ella sang Hallelujah beautifully while the rest of the team sang back up!

Preparing the mural

Patients excited to participate

Much joy was brought to the community

Next song was Lean On Me

Distributing fruit we brought with us.  A luxury for this part of the world.

Andrew and Daisy showing their dance moves